Andy Price is an award-winning composer with over 25 years of experience telling stories with his music.

'Over the course of my career, I've been lucky enough to work on an incredibly diverse range of productions - from intimate theatre to radio play, stop-frame animation to documentary, commercial to blockbusting drama. I hope some of the music here conveys not just the creative challenges I've faced, but also some of the joy I've experienced in scoring each project.

To each I have tried to bring the same ethos - to create a sympathetic musical landscape that underpins the narrative but also, where appropriate, to imbue that landscape with moving melody and evocative harmony.'
Andy fell in love with film music via the scores of, amongst others, John Williams and Ennio Morricone and went on to study Music and Drama at Bristol University.

His work in film and television began in Bristol - working with the BBC Natural History Unit as well as Aardman Animations on projects such as the Academy Award-nominated short films Wat's Pig and Humdrum. He has also scored many documentary series including The Battle of Britain, Battlefields, The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA for Original Television Music. His first television drama was the long-running BBC detective series The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and other drama work followed. This included Robin Hood, Wolfblood, Hetty Feather and Silent Witness for the BBC, as well as Law & Order: UK for ITV1.

More recently, Andy composed the score for Knightfall - an epic, historical drama for History/A&E about the final days of the Knights Templar.

Andy is a former winner of the Christopher Whelan Award in recognition of his work scoring to picture. He has also lectured at the Royal College of Music. He lives with his wife and two daughters in London.
Historical drama for History/A&E
Robin Hood
BBC1 family drama
Gli Zii (The Uncles)
Italian film
Silent Witness
BBC1 Forensic crime drama
BBC teen drama
Law & Order: UK
ITV1 crime/legal drama
Channel 4 documentary series
Hetty Feather
BBC children's drama
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Series 5/6 of the long-running BBC drama
Dinosaur Hunters
Channel 4 drama-documentary
Smallpox 2002: Secret Weapon
Award-winning documentary
Single drama for BBC1
4 part documentary series for BBC2
Battle of Britain
Two part drama-documentary for ITV
The Union Game
BBC documentary about the history of rugby
Wat's Pig
Academy award-nominated animated short film
Aardman animation commercial campaign
Riddle of the Sands
BBC2 Wildlife documentary
I have over the years been lucky enough to work on a number of original and personal projects with some brilliantly talented filmmakers, writers, lyricists and songwriters. Some of these collaborations can be found here.
A Thousand Doors
A proposal for a new musical
Wolfblood song
Extended version feat. Lisa Knapp
Gli Zii (The Uncles)
Italian short film
Three original songs
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